The Girl Who Had No Stuff

Mike had dreamt of someday being a children’s book illustrator. Especially as he’s immersed deep in the world of children’s lit with his own two kids. He got his opportunity when Marilyn Deppe asked him to create the illustrations for her children’s book, The Girl Who Had No Stuff.

Marilyn’s book tells the touching story of a girl rallying her friends to generously give their things to a new classmate. The book is based on the true story of Marilyn’s own daughter’s kindness. Thoughout the story, it’s peppered with details as they actually happened.

Children’s Book Illustrations

As the story has deep roots to Marilyn’s family, Mike developed the book’s illustrations to have a likeness to who the characters represent. The book’s illustrations are warm and whimsical, pulling readers further into the story.

The drawings themselves were purposefully created to have a sketch type feel. This adds an element of softness to the book that pairs nicely with the caring story line.

Hopefully this will be just one of many children’s books to have “Illustrations by Mike Smíšek” on the cover.


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