The Stitchery

There’s no doubt that a digital presence is crucial, but to us, it just the beginning of a business’ story. At Šek, we diligently think through how your brand will be used across all mediums. That includes how it will be incorporated into your space and within the community. We do that through Environmental Design. That might sound fancy, but what it boils down to is the intentional practice of ensuring consistency with your business’ brand throughout your physical space.


The Stitchery

We got a chance to do just that with The Stitchery. The Stitchery is a sewing and alterations shop located in Superior, WI. They were happy with their business, but wanted to bring more visibility and awareness to their shop. Our design process for this project started with creating an exterior sign design that aligns with The Stitchery’s existing brand. Carefully consider was also given to the elements of the building the sign would be adhered to. Having consideration for the larger space allows us to design a structure that will bring attention but in a matter that still fits with the area’s overall aesthetic.

As part of our environmental design services, we also handle all the coordination around the fabrication/printing of elements as well as the installation. This helps take one more piece off of The Stitchery’s plate so they can focus on continuing to provide quality garment alterations.


Need Help Revamping Your Space?

Since design is our middle name (literally), these are the projects that we love helping clients with. To read more about environmental design, the approach we take, and examples of spaces we’ve reconfigured, visit our blog.