CareeForce | Document Design


As a business there is always so much we want to tell our customers. But…nobody is going to sit down and read a lengthy, wordy document on your company. They’re just not. Especially not in this fast-paced world. People want their information quick and in a format that easy for them to digest.

CareerForce is just one of the many organizations we’ve helped distill down information they wanted to share into an engaging, easy-to-follow document design.


Fully understanding content a client is trying to communicate is always our first step. We’re not going to just rearrange what’s been given and hope for the best. By truly understanding the message that’s trying to be conveyed, we can then strategize the best layout and visual representation the document’s design should take. It also gives us the opportunity to work with a client to condense areas as it makes sense.

For CareerForce, the documents we were designing are resources for employers who could partner with CareerForce. So, we made sure that each document was thoughtfully organized so employers would want to revisit them time and time again. Each includes color-coding for easy navigation as well as detailed contact information should viewers want to learn more. We also incorporated more white space between sections to let the content section breath instead of being one large, overwhelming chunk of text.

Take a look below and let us know what you think of the new document designs.

More Document Design

We’re no stranger to finding solutions for distilling and displaying something complex. Peek through the links below for other examples, or visit our work page to see more.