Derek Montgomery Photography

It’s well known that a business needs to have a strong brand to enhance credibility, establish a competitive edge, and create recognition. But how do you brand different service offerings within one business? Do you roll everything up under the overarching brand, running the risk of your new offering not standing out in the market? Or do you create sub-brands and potentially dilute your business’ overall brand by having so many spin-offs?

While more segments in your business create additional complexity, it’s possible to brand them effectively. So how do you do it right? Well, like many things in life, there isn’t a one-size fits all approach. As each business is different, you’ll need to find an approach that works for your business and its offerings. The two biggest elements to consider are:

  1. The goals of the business and its segments
  2. The ideal customers for each business segment

Derek Montgomery Photography

We were able to help Derek Montgomery Photography with this multiple-service branding question as he tackled how to present the different photography type of work he does.

In approaching this task, we looked at Derek’s brand as a whole. We first created a new logo concept for his overarching business that focuses on wedding, engagement, and documentary photography. We design this brand to be static and stoic to not interfere with the emotion captured within the frame.

As the new brand was created, designing the sports photography segment of his business was alway on our mind. We chose to keep the logo design for DMP Sports closely aligned with the overarching brand. However, we added a vibrant color variation and incorporated motion for this segment. These adjustments not only appeals to this customer subset but also sets the service line apart.

In the end, a system was created that works together AND separately. All the while making it very easy for Derek to market the business effectively. See how the brand transformation was implemented below, and let us know if we can help you improve your business’ branding.