UW-Superior | ‘Find Your Superior’ 2019 Marketing Campaign

How do you set yourself apart in an overly competitive marketplace?

It’s a question that all higher education institutions are currently facing. Today, individuals seeking a degree have an overwhelming number of options. So many so, that differentiating your school to capture students’ attention is no longer a nice to have; it’s a must have.

Campaign Background

We partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS) to help showcase what makes them stand apart. Our goal was to weave their many value propositions into one memorable, differentiating campaign. True to academia, the creation of this campaign started with compiling research. The findings dug into how students and alumni describe UWS, what impressed them about school, and what they wish other people knew about the institution. These results helped form a new positioning statement for the University as well as three potential campaign themes. After more data collection, we align on moving forward with the campaign concept of ‘Find Your Superior’.

‘Find Your Superior’

We wanted UWS’ campaign to have strong meaning behind it. It was designed to compel viewers to ask themselves: What is my Superior? What’s the bold, audacious dream lying just beneath the surface, waiting to emerge?

In a small, close knit community of learners, we wanted to show that at UWS, students can dream without boundaries. They can uncover talents and abilities they never knew they had. Similar to the magnificent lake UWS resides on, there are vast opportunities at the University just waiting to be discovered. Through the campaign, we wanted to instill that students are valued and supported. That students’ dreams are the school’s inspiration. And that at UWS, you’ll find your Superior.

Design Behind the Campaign

With the concept in place, the ultimate message came through in the design. Iterations were created and again tested, but ultimately we landed on the design showcasing a student looking down at their version of what superior looks like. Showcasing students looking at their future selves draws the viewer’s eye to what the subject is looking at — the most meaningful part of the concept. On the billboard, for example, D’Andre is looking at a scene in which he’s celebrating his graduation with his family. This approach helps build a connection with viewers and invites them to envision their future as well.

We took the opportunity to incorporate more detail in the skywalk installment design as viewers have a better chance to engage with the piece. Additional messaging details were added to the background to further elevate the theme we wanted to convey. This text expands on the ‘Find Your Superior’ message to Find Your Community, Creativity, Future, Mission, Passion, Strength, Success, etc.

The design initially took life across a billboard, skywalk display, print ad and digital media platforms. However, as the Šek team worked closely with various internal teams at the University, UWS was able to roll out additional versions of the concept. This allowed the campaign to have a greater lifespan and touch more prospective students.

Campaign Recognition

We’re not the only ones that thought the campaign did a great job of achieving its goal. The ‘Find Your Superior’ print ad was awarded silver award recognition in the 35th Annual Educational Advertising Awards. In addition, the ‘Find Your Superior’ billboard also earned merit honors.


Let us know your thoughts on the campaign and reach out if you’d like our help communicating what makes your organization stand apart.