Duluth Foster Company


Taking over a business comes with a whole slew of challenges. And the new owners of Duluth Foster Company (formally A&E Homes) had plenty of them as they took on the task of revamping the organization. As part of those revamp efforts, the new owners wanted to rebrand to ensure the company’s new structure, feel and cultural was represented throughout their visual branding.


As an adult foster home, we kept the logo fairly simple as we wanted it to be primarily used with photography that would fully capture the care and compassion offered at Duluth Foster. We played off of the old logo, keeping in a semblance of a house shape. However, we built off of that to include a D to tie in the company’s location (Duluth, MN). The house also was created to have the feel of an upward pointing arrow, again representing the northland.

Additionally, the new brand’s colors connect back to the originally logo design. That was done strategically to bring an association between A&E Homes and Duluth Foster’s new visual branding.

What else has Šek branded in Duluth?

We’re glad you asked. Being located in Duluth, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know all sorts of local businesses. Getting to know these businesses inside and out is what allows us to be able to create visual branding that truly speaks to who they are. That branding ends up being used on business cars, building signage, vehicle wraps, billboards, etc. And let us tell you, it never gets old seeing our work around town. It’s such a cool feeling. We can’t list all of the Duluth-based businesses we’ve worked on (that’s what our Work page is for), but here’s a small sample: