Duluth Playhouse | 2018-19 Season

When you perform 20+ plays each season it can be a huge undertaking to create a unified ‘look’ for the entire year. From boisterous musicals at the historic NorShor Theatre to stripped down dramas at the Underground, and popular family titles performed at the Depot, a year at the Duluth Playhouse is filled with variety. They say variety is the spice of life, but when it comes to the design of an entire season brochure we wanted to keep it as unified as possible.


The result of our work culminated in a 40 page document containing the individual artwork for each show, as well as a innovative calendar layout, ticket pricing tables and photo collages highlighting performances from the previous year. Each play’s artwork is illustrated using an element from the plot, location, and in most cases, secondary plot lines. The goal of the artwork was to create complimentary images on each spread so that the viewer of the brochure could see and read the information that was important to them without feeling overwhelmed.


View the full 40 page PDF here. Duluth Playhouse 2018-19 Season Brochure

The artwork is smart, simple, and bold while hiding some of the deeper story lines within the background illustration.

Innovative ideas like the age meter for Family Theatre performances and a 1-page season calendar really help our patrons navigate the brochure with ease and understanding.

Check out the description above for a link to the full PDF of the brochure.