Lyric Opera of the North | 2019-20 Season

Creating artwork for Lyric Opera of the North (LOON) for the past several season has been a fun undertaking each year. As each season presents new and unique performances, The Šek team has worked hard to create visual representation that helps tease the story of each performance while also staying true to LOON’s overall brand.

Performance Artwork

Artwork created for the 2019-2020 season promoted the performance of Amahl and the Night Visitors as well as Tosca. The two artwork creations were design to flow together when place side-by-side. They both utilize the same illustrative bold design style to capture the dramatic tone of the performances. While keeping the design clean, subtle clues to each performance’s story can be found within the artwork.

Valentine’s Day Soirée

Another fun piece we developed was the design concept for the LOON’s Valentine’s Day Soirée fundraiser. It too utilized the bold curve look of the performance artwork with a similar script font to build a strong connection with the brand. We added soft, subtle touches to tie into the Valentine’s Day theme with hearts incorporated throughout the design. The format was build out across mailers, posters, social media, as well as other placements.

Little LOON

Lastly, we had the opportunity to create a more playful complimentary sub-brand to help promote the Little LOON program. As this program brings professional opera to elementary school students throughout Northern Minnesota, we designed the promotional pieces to be full of energy. Our overall aim was to showcase the fun, interactive experience schools can expose their students to. The design uses the same bold curved elements seen in other LOON design pieces. The use of bright pops of color contrast from the black and white photos and help direct readers’ eyes throughout the piece.

See examples of how we brought each of the LOON’s offering to life below.