Trillium Services Inc.

We’re excited to feature another rebranding project that we did for Trillium. The Trillium organization has two main branches. The first is Trillium Services. A community living and family services provider for those with developmental disabilities and their loved ones. The second is Trillium Works! A supported employment provider for developmental disabled adults, where individuals can get knowledge on open positions, training and on-going assistance.

The Challenge

Needless to say, Trillium does a lot of wonderful work in the Duluth and surrounding community. However, while their focus is heavily on the people they serve and their programs, how the organization was presented fell to the wayside. They got to a point where they felt like their brand and how they talked about their programs wasn’t a clear as it could be. As a part of this, they were having troubles recruiting new Trillium employees.

The Solution

We love to simplify things. It makes them easier to understand, more flexible, more visually appealing, the list goes on. So that’s what we started when rebranding Trillium. We took the original logo, of a realistic flower with white pedals, teal/blue leaves and yellow center and morphed it. The new logo design has a general flower shape but includes a clean silhouette of an individual achieving success, independence, accomplishments. We wanted a person to be clearly represented to show the person centered practices Trillium’s programs are based around. Next, we included three dots to symbolize a connected triangle that illustrates the primary services offered by Trillium. Community Services, Connections and TrilliumWorks! Lastly, the way the new flower design is oriented allows for the general shape of a ‘T’ to be represented. Standing for Trillium (in case that wasn’t obvious).

The new branding system applies to both Trillium Services and Trillium Works!, with only the wordmark needing to change. Take a look below to see how we rolled out the rebrand across signage, brochures, digital pieces and the website.

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