UW-Superior | ‘Find Your Superior’ 2022 Marketing Campaign

How are you differentiating yourself from competitors? How is your brand, service offerings, marketing campaign, etc. setting you apart?

It’s a challenge every business  faces. It takes strategic thinking in order to put something out in the world that encourages your ideal customer to choose you over another organization.


The University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS) is no exception to this challenge. Like many industries, higher education institutions have had to fight hard to attract students and showcase how their curriculum, campus and student life is different from other schools.

In 2019, we partnered with UWS to create a marketing campaign that would help tackle this challenge. That campaign focused on the theme of UWS students ‘finding their superior’. (You can learn more on that campaign here) While the response to the overarching theme, UWS felt it was time to refresh and expand this marketing campaign even further.


Šek once again partnered with various departments of the University to create a new concept that still centers on the idea of ‘find your superior’ but in a new, fresh light.

We chose a much bolder approach this time around, creating the concept’s design on a black background. Subjects throughout the marketing campaign are featured within a yellow circle — which also represents the ‘O’ in ‘YOUR’ — bringing the campaign’s attention to the student, similarly to UWS’ focus as an institution. Subjects are also looking off to the right to signify aspirational, forward-thinking. Their direction helps bring viewers’ eyes to the word ‘superior’ as well as the UW-Superior logo.

The campaign’s messaging once again plays off a double meaning of students finding the best (or ‘superior’) version of themselves along with students finding that best version at Superior (UW-Superior, that is).

The concept is flexible enough to be used across billboard and other print or digital advertising mediums. In addition, we created several use cases where specific calls-to-action or majors can be made the made focal point. This give the University freedom to use the campaign, not only as a general marketing piece, but also in more niche pieces as well.

More UWS Work

We’ve had a long standing partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Superior. And we’re proud to have partnered with them throughout numerous projects. Check out more design work we’ve created for UWS below.