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Kasey Thoreson

Graphic Design Assistant

Kasey started her role at Šek in November 2017 as an intern, and through continually proving her chops, was then hired on as a Graphic Design Assistant in May of 2019. 

Kasey’s favorite part of designing is having the opportunity to make cool things. She finds it rewarding to see how a quick sketch can translate to real life exactly how she envisioned it in her head. She also loves being surrounded by creative people who inspire her and push her to be a better designer.

When Kasey isn’t working, she can be found at sporting events, hiking on the trails of Lake Superior, or experimenting with new smoothie recipes. 

Kasey is currently a senior at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, studying Graphic Design and Marketing.


What is the worst pet you have ever had?

The worst pet I ever owned was a frog. I was OBSESSED with frogs as a kid, I even painted my room lime green to match the little guys. I was so excited when I found a frog in my backyard that I put it in a cage and tried to give him the best life that an 8 year old could. I only had him for a few hours before he escaped.