National Bank of Commerce | Banking Education Video Series


Banking is a complex industry. There’s lots of jargon and unfamiliar acronyms as well as just a general sense of confusion when it comes to the details of specific banking topics. Well,  National Bank of Commerce (NBC) wanted to change that. Together we developed a marketing strategy all around making banking education less stuffy and easier for everyday people to understand. We set out to create an approachable source that helps breakdown all sorts of banking topics.

Solution: A Banking Education Video Series

We aligned that the best medium for this banking education initiative was video. Video gave us a completely blank canvas, with no restriction, to play with (pun definitely intended on that ‘play’ there).

With the medium decided, we set to work creating the feel we wanted to video to have. The ultimate goal of the videos are for them to feel welcoming and engaging. So we chose to have the banking education topics be shared in a conversation between an industry expert and someone that could play the part of the everyday person. I.E. someone who’s not looped in on all the banking terminology. This person (Hannah Willis to begin with) has the role of slowing the industry expert down or asking them for more context if they go off into lingo land. This part of the video is vital to our goal of making sure the topics are always digestible to viewers.

Making Cents

Aligning with the focus of breaking down banking topics, the video series name Making Cents came to be. It exemplifies the core values of the series but also plays off NBC’s tagline ‘make more possible’. We’ve used variations of ‘make’ and ‘making’ on several marketing pieces recently and this felt like a great place to extend it to.

Next up was determining the creative vision for the set. For logistical purposes, we thought it would be most efficient to have the video set remain consistent. So the NBC marketing team identified a spare office in their Superior Main branch that we’d have all of our video shoots at and we got to work transforming the space. We designed and mocked up the set, bought lights, chairs, a table, plants, shelving, you name it. The intention was to have the space feel warm and welcoming. A place that made you feel as if you were part of the conversation instead of just watching it.

While the filming set was being finalized, we helped develop episode scripting and then shot the first three videos. The editing included creating a brand for Making Cents, in alignment with NBC’s parent brand, and developing intro and outro graphics . We cut the footage into full-length videos as well as video shorts for social use. We took specific care with the social shorts, making them eye-catching and full of helpful, bit-sized information.

Promotion for the video series is still underway (especially because we have plenty more in the hopper!), but we’ve established a strategically marketing plan to help these reach their target market. We created billboards, print ads, social media posts, tailored video thumbnails to help them attract more attention on YouTube and still more to come.

Keep your eyes peeled for these and let us know if you found them engaging and helpful.

Want to See More on NBC?

We’ve been partnering with National Bank of Commerce since the end of 2021, and we’ve accomplished a LOT together. From marketing strategies, TV commercials, bus wraps, billboard designs, social media assets, print ads, and so much more. Check out just a sampling of work outside of the Making Cents banking education video series here.