Augurian is a digital marketing firm that partners with companies to drive business growth through paid media, organic search and analytics. If you’ve dabbled (even a little) in any of those you know they’re highly technical areas to take on. The team at Augurian are not only experts in those areas, but they also strive to educate their partners. Ultimately, giving them confidence in their investment in digital marketing.


One big area of educating for Augurian in 2022 and 2023 has been around the shift to Google Analytics 4 (or GA4). Something that your eyes may glaze over when reading up on if you’re not regularly in the world of digital marketing, but a shift that you should be aware of — especially if you have a website and use Google Analytics to track your business metrics. With this large and impactful shift looming, Augurian wanted to proactively inform GA users and be a resource to help them make the necessary transition.

Being digital marketing experts, they knew how they would leverage digital marketing platforms to promote their message. However, they wanted help creating compelling and easy-to-understand digital assets to promote.


Our first step in partnering with Augurian, like all our clients, was to get to know who they are as a business. How they presented themselves, their values, the language they used, etc. Next, we got educated on the shift to GA4 and Augurian’s approach to it. Layer on doing additional industry and competitor research and we were ready to get to work.

The final deliverables Augurian wanted were a promotional video and several static digital image assets to be used for ads on LinkedIn and other social media channels. You’ll see below that the final video is very approachable. We stayed away from making it too complicated and full of jargon. Our big focus was to highlight: 1) what is happening, 2) why viewers should care, and 3) what to do next.

The static social images we built in single images as well as in a carousel format. The carousel gave us more space to tell the greater what, why, how behind the shift. All social assets were created off of the video to bring cohesion to the campaign.

Ads: They’re EVERYWHERE!

And they come in all sorts of forms. Print and digital assets. Huge billboards and small Instagram ads. Well, we’ve seen (and created) them all. Take a look at just a few past examples linked below.