Construction companies aren’t always known for impeccable design. But J&RS is not your average construction business. They are a start to finish construction company and design showroom with over 25 years of experience. The J&RS team doesn’t just slapping some boards together. They methodically think through all aspects of the projects they work on. Client goals, space functionality, final design as well as each and every detail along the way. They’re thinking through it all — whether the project is a bathroom remodel or a complete custom home build.

With an evolved brand in place, J&RS needed vehicle wraps for their fleet of trucks, vans and trailers to matched their new look. Something that made them stand out and showcased their attention on quality design. We love helping businesses incorporate their brand across all areas of their business, so we were excited to jump in!

Vehicle Wrap Design

J&RS as a company has two divisions. J&RS Build and J&RS Design. While acting as one unified company, each division has its own sub-brand that needed to be taken into consideration. Different vehicles in J&RS’ fleet also serve different roles. Some specifically for J&RS Build, some for J&RS Design, and some that cross over.

We had the parameters to play within with J&RS’ new brand in place. However, how we’d implement that brand was up to us to play with. Our main goal was to create consistent branding that wasn’t too flashy but would still stand out and grow awareness to the company.

We used each subdivisions’ respective colors to add dimension to the vehicle wrap design as well as the brand block elements. The block elements were creative to represent building plans, so incorporating those gave the vehicle wraps a fun differentiating feel.

Next it came down to design nuances. We ensured that each vehicle wrap was tailored to its intended vehicle make and model. Because not all vehicles are treated equal and sometimes handles or manufacture insignia placement gets moved around. All that to say, we had to work to make each vehicle look consist while still accounting for the difference each vehicle had. No one wants part of a vehicle wraps to cover a Chevy logo after all. It’s the little things that can make a huge difference.


Other Examples

We’re no stranger to designing vehicle wraps. Take a look at the links below to see examples of some other vehicles we’ve transformed.