Vikre | Menu Design

When Vikre Distillery CEO, Emily Vikre, gets an idea, we’re all ears! Because often they involve super fun creative projects for us to work on. (Like the April Fool’s cocktail we created – ha!)

This new project, a custom illustration for Vikre’s menu design, may not have been as wacky as the April Fool’s post, but we still has a blast making it.

The Solution

If you are familiar with Vikre, you know their strong ties to their home base, Duluth, MN. It’s not just because that’s where they’re located, though. The pristine beauty of Lake Superior, and the North Woods are distilled in the flavors of everything they make. So we wanted to make sure their new menu design highlighted their location and the iconic Ariel Lift Bridge their cocktail room is next to.

The menu illustration focuses on the view aperitif-lovers experience as they head towards Vikre’s cocktail room. The Ariel Lift Bridge is the main focus, with even more attention brought to it as it escapes the border of the drawing. Vikre’s sign with their signature ‘V’ can be seen subtly off on the right. The artwork was created with loose line work to give the illustration a softer, more personal feel. The ever-present seagulls of canal park round out the illustration completing the menu design cover you see below.

Stop by the cocktail room to check out these beauties. Oh, and while you’re there, we highly recommend literally anything on the menu.

Want to See More Vikre Projects?

Well, we’ve got ’em! And we can’t wait for the next creative idea Emily stirs up.