While some businesses really struggled during the pandemic, some took off. Earthaus (formally Limestrong) was one of those lucky businesses that grew during the pandemic thanks to many people taking the time at home to reimagine and renovate their spaces. As a result, Earthaus’ owners wanted to invest in creating a new brand that better reflected their artisan plasters. (And if you’re not quite sure what ‘artisan plaster’ even means, take a look here to see some of the beautiful spaces they’ve created.)

Earthaus’ owners had a strong understanding of their product and the feel they’d like represented, but they needed help with the brand’s creation. That’s where we came in.


In partnership with the Earthaus owners, we started with implementing a new name. We wanted to find something that ties to the organic nature of their plasters. Some of their finishes, afterall, include things like: stone, sand, marble, limewash, etc. While we wanted to include an earthy component, we still wanted the name to have a timeless feel to it.

With Earthaus chosen as the new name, we got to work creating various concepts for the brand. Like the name, the brand needed to feel eco-friendly and elegant. Timeless and something attractive to the modern day homeowner. We landed on a wordmark that is clean but has some unique elements to add intrigue and a nod to elegance. The ‘e’ is customized to be able to stand alone if needed as an icon or favicon.

Another big piece we created was a label system using the new brand. Earthaus sells their plasters in large 32lb bags all the way down to small 1lb accessory products. With each product having its own allotted size for a label, all the labels would ultimate differ. Even in that case, we wanted to make sure the brand’s usage remain consisted no matter the size of the label.

The new brand was also applied to letterhead, social media profiles, and their website as well. Take a look through the photos below to see how the brand flexibly plays across every medium the business is present in.

Eager to see more package design?

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