Roobet | Apparel Design

Since design touches everything we experience, we have done some off the wall projects. But this apparel design project we worked on with Roobet might just take the cake.


Roobet, a crypto-based gambling company, came to us looking for out-there, attention-grabbing apparel design to give away at a big promotional event they were holding in Germany. That Snoop Dog would be at, we’ll add. (See why this one is taking the cake for oddest project yet?)

The goal of their event was to grow greater awareness around their name and what they do. We were tasked with making sure the apparel pieces were an avenue to help them grow in awareness and build brand loyalty.

Solution: Apparel Design

After understanding the Roobet audience further, we honed in on selecting the items to design. These included: t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, hats, jackets, jerseys, and even slippers. With what their brand is aiming to achieve, we found cool/trendy items that would be pieces people would actually want to wear. Not just another promotional shirt that sits in the back of your drawer.

We first sourced all of the items and then got to work! The apparel designs we created adhered to the Roobet brand, but we took the opportunity to stretch it. We worked with all the product vendors directly so the Roobet team had us as their one point of contact. This minimized all the back and forth communication on bleeds, patch adhesion type, etc. from their inboxes.

Other Non-Branding Design Work

Branding is our bread and butter, but over the years, we’ve worked on quite a few of these more unique projects. Check some of them out below, and let us know if you have an odd-ball project you’d like help with.