Lift Bridge Bagels


Lift Bridge Bagels makes delicious, handmade, small-batch, organic bagels. They didn’t need any help in that department. Instead, what they came to us for was branding. Small business branding projects are some of our favorite. It’s exciting to work with businesses when they’re in a growth stage and ready to level up how they present themselves (i.e. their brand).


When thinking through branding concepts, we wanted to stay away from anything too cheesy. Lift bridge logos are extremely overdone in the Duluth/Superior area where Lift Bridge Bagels is located. Owner, Lexy Land, also wanted us to stay away from using a classic bagel as well.

What we landed on instead was a timeless wordmark. The words ‘Lift Bridge’ uses a scrip font, which brings a soft personal touch to the brand. It is balanced out, however, by having ‘bagels’ in a sturdy, uppercase font just beneath it. In addition to the wordmark, we also created a full icon and a shorthand icon. The full icon uses the full brand name with a custom-designed ‘L’ and ‘B’ woven together by a blade of wheat. And let me tell you, we tried a LOT of different options for that blade until we got to the perfect one that had just the right balance of wheatyness.

Brands on Brands on Brands (on Food)

We’ve had the fun challenge of creating brands for all types of industries. Small business branding to branding and marketing campaigns for large institutions. From a surgical practice to a yoga retreat company to a series of canned cocktails and everything in between. While our work varies, one area we do tend to work in quite a bit, though, is food! Lift Bridge Bagels now joins a list of fine food businesses branded by Šek!